ARC Flash Compliant Garments

Electric arc flash is one of the least understood hazards of electricity. It's prevalent in most Industries, with around 1,000 electrical accidents at work each year, and as many as 251 people dying from their injuries. That's why, at Beeswift, we have developed the Click ARC range of workwear, with varying layering options to meet your ARC FLASH demands.

ARC Symbols and EN Standards IEC/EN 61482 SERIES

ARC Flash compliance symbol

IEC EN 61482-1-1: 2009 This incorporates the "open arc" test method which is used in the US, and it measures the Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) of the fabric in cal/cm². The end user can select the correct clothing systems by ensuring the ATP value of the fabric is greater than the incident heat energy of the arc.

IEC EN 61482-1-2: 2007 The "box arc" test method is based on the European method described in ENV 50354, with a heat transfer measurement. Materials are classified as Class 1 (4kA) or Class 2 (7kA).

IEC 61482-2: 2009 Performance requirements for materials, and design requirements for garments.

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